xcode – File consent issue upgrading a.swift file on macOS from Windows 10 on very same LAN

  1. On MacOS 13.2.1 in my work folder I perform: sudo chmod -R a= rwx *

  2. Finder > > file’s Get Details > > Authorizations end up being:

 Call "myMacAccount" Benefit "checked out & & compose)
. Call personnel Benefit reads & & compose
. Call everybody Benefit reads & & compose
  1. On Windows I install macOS work folder onto D:
  2. A full-screen editor on Windows opens file on D: (ie. macOS), alters it and waits.
  3. On macOS, file’s consent ends up being:
 Call "myMacAccount" Benefit "checked out & & compose.
Call everybody Benefit "No gain access to".

Now Xcode can no longer check out the.swift file, till I do the chmod once again.

What could be triggering the concern?

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